Our Background

The Journeys Charitable Trust formed in 2020 when three ordinary local women identified a need within their community to help local girls to connect and develop self confidence, resilience and outdoor skills by utilising outdoor adventure.

We piloted a programme of Mountain Biking and On Foot Adventures led by inspiring local women as a path for self development. We continually co-design Journeys’ development with young women and girls to best meet the evolving needs of our local kōhine.


All young women are connected, confident and inspired

  • We connect with ourselves, others and wild places
  • We develop ourselves through adventure and challenge
  • We grow to know and value who we are

Our Values





Our values have come from combining our founding kaupapa with many co design sessions with young women in our community. 

Journeys holds a holistic view of wellbeing through hauora, prioritises fun, and is centred around adventure through challenge and unknown outcomes. This all rests on our foundation of connection with ourselves, others and our local wild places.

Our Founding Kaupapa


We create a supportive environment in which girls feel they belong and can be themselves. Girls develop a connection and appreciation with local wild places. 


We develop and strengthen techniques to use in the face of fear and uncertainty, using appropriate challenge and exploration along the edge of our comfort zone, and grow the ability to recover from difficulty. 

Self Confidence

We role model, nurture and grow self worth and self belief, to enable participants to be stoked with who they are and to grow without judgement.


We build a community and culture that encourages girls and women to become lifelong adventurers. We provide leadership opportunities where young women can share their skills and inspire others.


We maintain relevance and strengthen the Journeys programme through robust evaluation and review. We seek a variety of sustainable funding sources and community support. 

Hard Skills

We help girls develop skills in a range of outdoor pursuits.